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Craic, sunhine y la vida española: Cáceres Irish Fleadh

One of these epic weeks where time is warped and live focuses in on my favourite ways of being- playing and singing all day long, in good company, experiencing the taste and feel of a different culture... The mornings were spent playing for the kids (and Mr. Pedro Crann got them all dancing and singing too - those niños, seriously too cute!), in the evenings for young and old, the nights for ourselves... Then a weekend of outstanding gigs by the Alt, Mary Bergin, Rarefolk, JPG Trio, Brian McDonagh, Mark Redmond, John Joe Kelly, Cathy Jordan Hugh Feely... seriously! Filled with fond memories of good company, dance, craic, sunshine (and ok, the bit of rain too!) y la vida española I would like to thank Fernanda Valdés Sánchez and Peter Crann for being such absolute legends and making this happening! The stamena of these two big-hearted human beings is beyond me! Desde el fondo de mi corazón: gracias por el tiempo transcurrido <3

With the best kind of happy tiredness I go to pack my bag again to make my way to Austria where I get to play a set with Carolyn Goodwin and Reinhard Ziegerhofer (Incidentally one of my childhood musical heroes!) as part of "Irland trifft Kroatien im Hügel - Schöckelland" at the weekend!

Next weekend we will also make an appearance at the "Nekropolis Festival" in Prague with "Etno Histeria United" and my solo set - (check tour dates for more info) - Hup!

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