Claudia Schwab Quartet

feat. Johannes Bär & Vinzenz Härtel


Johannes Bär & Vinzenz Härtel


Claudia Schwab (violin/voice/composition)

Hannah James (accordion/voice/dance)

Marti Tärn (e-Bass/voice)

Bodek Janke (percussion/tabla/voice)

Johannes Bär (brass/alphorn/voice)

Vinzenz Härtel (flugelhorn/harmonika/voice)

Supported by the Hubert Von Goisern Kulturpreis 2020, this brand new project will be premiered in Austria in June 2021, featuring very special guests Johannes Bär, Vinzenz Härtel and Bodek Janke.

With a fondness for yodelling, Irish traditional, Indian classical and Eastern European music, Claudia and her singing quartet (fiddle, accordion, bass and percussion) make musical advances around the world, mesmerising audiences with their authenticity, versatility and vitality. Jodler melodies, songs and tunes wander through the raggedy coast of the West of Ireland, over to alpine terrains, a dance floor in Bulgaria, re-appearing in different shapes and forms in India or Scotland to finally return to the Austrian alps. This return is supported by the sounds of the alp- and flugelhorn, the "Harmonika" as well as the yodelling voices of Austrian folk musicians Johannes Bär and Vinzenz Härtel. A sound world, familiar and yet foreign, that is carried by the inimitably delicate and infectious grooves of renowned jazz - and world percussionist Bodek Janke, the precise dance step of Hannah James and the grounding harmonic fundament of Estonian bass- virtuoso Marti Tärn. This journey through the music traditions of many countries that enrich and complete each other, paired with the inexhaustible joy of playing music of the six artists, promises a memorable and intoxicating live show.

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