Claudia Schwab



(Eelco Schilder, folkworld)


(David Kidman, FATEA magazine)

Born in the green heart of Austria – Styria, Claudia Schwab is an award-winning fiddle player, singer, yodeller and composer based on the West Coast of Ireland.


Described as 'one of the most creative artists on the Irish music scene today' (Dr. Mel Mercier- Irish World Academy Limerick), Claudia amalgamates different traditions and styles, such as traditional Austrian, Irish, Classical Indian and Eastern European folk music, in her own, very unique way.

Her debut solo album Amber Sands  was released in 2014. A regular feature on Irish national radio it received a variety of reviews by magazines such as FATEA, Songlines and Roots.


'Amber Sands is like taking a year off, and making your way around the world'

Dan Hegarty: The Alternative, RTÉ 2 FM


In 2016 she released the single One Day and Attic Mornings EP  in a special vinyl edition, followed by her second full album Attic Mornings in  2017.

Claudia writes and tours her own works regulary (Claudia Schwab Quartet, Solo) whilst also featuring on numerous recordings and collaborations with a range of cross-genre artists including Seamie O'Dowd, Cathy Jordan and Brian McDonagh (Dervish), Seanan Brennan and Dee Armstrong (Kíla), Austrian string-trio Netnakisum, Matija Solce (Ethno in Transit), Nick Roth (Yurodny), Duke Special, Pt. Sukhdev Prasad Mishra, Iarla Ó Lionáird, Colin Dunne, Padraig Meehan, Nina Hynes, Niwel Tsumbu, Matthias Schriefl, Hannah James, Kate Young and many more.



Claudia Schwab Solo - Lasta Festival
ONE DAY - Claudia Schwab Quartet


Alongside her own solo project (Solo Quartet), Claudia works with a range of internationally renowned artists. Current projects include collaborations with German Jazz legend Matthias Schriefl, Austrian string trio Netnakisum, accordionist, singer & dancer Hannah James (UK), Scottish fiddle-singer Kate Young (aka "Kate in the Kettle"), the "Craic Addicts" (IRE),  and the Irish Gamelan Orchestra.


Claudia Schwab Quartet


Claudia Schwab Quartet feat.

Johannes Bär & Vinzi Hörtel


Claudia Schwab SOLO

© Tony Birch

Claudia Schwab & Hannah James


Plúirín na mBan

MAIN PIC - The Craic Addicts.jpg

The Craic Addicts

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More projects & Compositions


A rich and diverse background which started with classical violin training in Austria, followed by many years immersed in Ireland’s traditional scene, combined with inspiring trips to India and her studies at University College Cork, have lead Claudia to find her very own musical language. Incorporating a fondness for yodelling, Irish traditional, Indian classical and Eastern European music, Claudia makes musical advances around the world; mesmerising audiences with her authenticity, versatility and vitality. The yodelling voice acts as a common thread running through the colourful palette of musical styles, genres and cultures, which interweave through Claudia's music into a new entity.


Following her passion for music, faraway countries, different cultures, tastes, landscapes, train rides and life on the road, Claudia's musical journeys have brought her all over Europe, over to India, Indonesia, Egypt and the US, as part of orchestras and bands as well as touring her own solo project (Quartet, Solo).



In 2019 she was commissioned to write for the NCH- Sounding the Feminists Commissioning Scheme and was awarded a Next Generation Bursary Award from the Irish Arts Council, the Neuer Deutscher Jazzpreis 2019 with the Band “Shreefpunk + Strings”, followed by the Hubert Von Goisern Förderpreis in 2020.

Claudia loves to learn about people and their music, to try and adapt different styles and traditions of playing, to work with artists from all kinds of genres, countries and cultures. When all these different ways of making music are allowed to co-exist at the same time however, that's when she feels most at home.


Since parting from her home country and with her vagabond life-style, Claudia has come to call many places home. A curious living situation that brings about both invaluably enriching connections and also a certain feeling of inbetweenness or brokenness.

This geographical dilemma is mirrowed in Claudia's music: the creation of a sound world in which

different home places can co-exist at the same time in the same space, ultimately creating a place of its own, has been a natural progress and focal point of her work.


'Claudia Schwab plays fiddle. And harmonium. And bike breaks. Etc. (?!)
Claudia Schwab sings. And yodels. Her home must be called "Indialp". Or"Österrirland". Her music is so diverse, that her CD allows you to – once again – jump easily into totally different regions'
(Albert Hosp, radio OE1)