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feat. Matija Solce & Aleš Zorec



Claudia Schwab (Violin / Vocals)

Matija Solce (Accordeon / Vocals)

Aleš Zorec (Drums)



Jodlfunk, hip hop, Irish, Balkan – groove, ragas turned reels and alpine harmonies: In intimate comradery, Claudia, Aleš and Matija move between soft, lyrical songs to heart-lifting dance tunes: a rollercoaster of inter- cultural, genre-hopping folk and original music from here, there and everywhere. Past performances have included appearances at Nekropolis Festival (CZ), Floating Castle Festival (SLO), Kultursommer Wien (AT) and Aeson Festival (IT).

Claudia Schwab from Austria is a multi-award winning musician and composer who graduated with an MA in Ethnomusicology, UCC in 2013. Since then, the Sligo-based artist has written her own works and performed on numerous recordings and collaborated with a range of cross-genre artists both established and emerging. She released her debut album ‘Amber Sands’ in 2014, which received a variety of reviews by magazines such as FATEA (“pretty much unforgettable”), Folkworld (“she makes Yodel music modern and happening”), Songlines and Roots (“crazy and yet strangely attractive”). Her second solo album ‘Attic Mornings’ was released in 2017. A regular feature on Irish national radio, Claudia has toured her music in Ireland, Austria, Italy, Switzerland, Germany, Sweden, Estonia, the UK and Slovenia in solo, trio, and more recently, in quartet formation.


'One of the most creative artists on the Irish music scene today' (Dr. Mel Mercier- Irish World Academy Limerick)


Musician, puppeteer, actor and director as well as puppetry professor, festival organiser and activist, Matija Solce, finished his doctor studies on Alternative Theatre and Puppetry at the Prague Theatre Academy (DAMU), on the theme of “The musical perspective of puppet theatre”. In his works he closely connects music and theatre, and therefore his concerts often turn into interactive theatre performances, or hispuppet shows become musical compositions. With his accordion and suitcase full of puppets he travelled the globe, experiencing venues as extreme as prisons, ashrams, people's bedrooms or big halls of international festivals. His work has received over 30 awards.


Acclaimed percussionist, jazz drummer, student of philosophy and comparative literature Aleš Zorec has recorded and toured extensively with ethno-jazz bands Karavana iluzij and Istanbul. More recently he has been making music for theatre and dance performances (Gilgalovanje (2018, Glej Theatre), The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time, The Snail and the Whale (2018, MB puppet theatre), Abonma, Just in appearance sometimes as everyone else (2016), A Few People Search for Happiness and Laugh Themselves to Death (2019, SNG NG).

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