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Claudia Schwab




"pretty much unforgettable" (David Kidman, FATEA magazine)

“crazy and yet strangely attractive” (froots magazine)


"she makes Yodel music modern and happening" (Eelco Schilder, folkworld)

As a solo artist Claudia Schwab's masterful use of fiddle, loops, drones, and vocals, allows her to weave together funk-beat yodels, reels turned to ragas, and alpine harmonies, to create an undeniably unique and atmospheric world of sound.


Her compositions rely heavily on the practice of playing fiddle and singing at the same time, a technique she was first introduced to by the Austrian folk musician Hermann Härtel Sr. After moving to Ireland in 2005, finding herself alone with her fiddle, she almost accidentally started to apply this method of singing and playing two different melodic voices to tunes such as Polkas or Jodlers. This would plant the seed for the development of her own compositions in the years to come.


Her thirst for musical experimentation and expression had taken her from her home in Austria to Ireland, where she became deeply immersed in its vibrant traditional music scene. In 2008, she took her first trip to Varanasi/India to study North Indian classical music, in 2009 she became a student at University College Cork, where loop, experimental and minimal composition were part of her syllabus. These experiences coupled with the discovery of Julia Cameron's "Artists Way" cultivated an ever increasing repertoire of original compositions, which she started to perform publicly in 2011 and 2012.

Since then her solo show has brought her to Sweden, Slovenia, Ireland, Austria and Bavaria, with performances at the Umefolk Festival (SE), Ethno Histeria (SLO), Kaleidoscope (IRE), Fleadh TV (IRE), Body and Soul Festival (IRE), Hemavan Folk Festival (SE) and Cairde Arts Festival (IRE).

In 2014, Claudia released her debut solo album "Amber Sands", followed by her second album, and accompanying EP, "Attic Mornings", in 2017.


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