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Cathy Jordan (vocals/bodhrán/ukulele/guitar)

Claudia Schwab (fiddles/vocals/loops)

Irene Buckley (electronics/vocals/keys)

In an intimate setting, the three musicians express their bond to traditional music, whereby ancient tradition is summoned to meet new burgeonings: atmospheric drones amalgamate with ancient song lyrics, a sound world of fiddle-delays draws us into the story of a dreadful ghost, while stomping bodhrán rhythms accompany the efforts of a boatsman to convince his love to marry him. Intricate three-part vocal harmonies honour the life of a sailor working for the royal navy and we hear a woman’s warning to “never prove false to your womankind”.

Featuring the female contingent of Meascán – Music Across Cultures, a project that was brought to life as part of Cairde Sligo Arts Festival 2019, Cathy Jordan, Irene Buckley and Claudia Schwab premiered this unique and introspective body of sounds at Cairde Sligo Arts Festival Online 2020.


Kindly supported by the Arts Council of Ireland Traditional Arts Commission Award

For upcoming tour dates please check here

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