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The Irish Gamelan Orchestra performs a repertoire of original music, which is co-created with a variety of artists across a wide range of genres.To date, the ensemble has been joined on stage by a host of performers, including Duke Special, Fiona Shaw, Kate Ellis, Iarla Ó Lionáird, Nick Roth, Julie Feeney, Martin Hayes, Ken Edge, Colin Dunne and Nick Gareis.


Line-up: Matthias Schriefl (tp, flh, bflh, tuba, alphorn, voc),
Alex Eckert (git, ukulele, voc), Alex Morsey (b, tuba, voc) + string trio. Winners of the German Jazz Prize 2019

"With tousled punk posture and classic four-beat, Schriefl brushes Jazz-Avantgarde and New Music against the grain"(JAZZTHETIK) "The future of German Jazz? But of course (FONOFORUM). 

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Claudia Schwab Quartett feat. Johannes Bär und Vinzenz Härtel_1.jpg

Claudia Schwab Quartet

feat. Johannes Bär & Vinzenz Härtel


Claudia Schwab (violin/voice/composition)

Hannah James (accordion/voice/dance)

Marti Tärn (e-Bass/voice)

Bodek Janke (percussion/tabla/voice)

Johannes Bär (brass/alphorn/voice)

Vinzenz Härtel (flugelhorn/harmonika/voice)​

With a fondness for yodelling, Irish traditional, Indian classical and Eastern European music, Claudia and her singing quartet (fiddle, accordion, bass and percussion) make musical advances around the world, mesmerising audiences with their authenticity, versatility and vitality. Jodler melodies, songs and tunes wander through the raggedy coast of the West of Ireland, over to alpine terrains, a dance floor in Bulgaria, re-appearing in different shapes and forms in India or Scotland to finally return to the Austrian alps. This return is supported by the sounds of the alp- and flugelhorn, the "Harmonika" as well as the yodelling voices of Austrian folk musicians Johannes Bär and Vinzenz Härtel. A sound world, familiar and yet foreign, that is carried by the inimitably delicate and infectious grooves of renowned jazz - and world percussionist Bodek Janke, the precise dance step of Hannah James and the grounding harmonic fundament of Estonian bass- virtuoso Marti Tärn. This journey through the music traditions of many countries that enrich and complete each other, paired with the inexhaustible joy of playing music of the six artists, promises a memorable and intoxicating live show.

Claudia Schwab & Hannah James

Claudia Schwab (Fiddles/vocals)

Hannah James (Accordion/vocals/foot percussion)

Claudia and Hannah had their first yodelling encounter at the Celtic Connections Festival in 2012, which brought them together again at the "Etno Histeria" gatherings in Slovenia later on. In 2016, Claudia invited Hannah to record on her forthcoming record and CD "Attic Mornings" and she joined her quartet project the same year. In October 2016 Hannah & Claudia launched the vinyl "Attic Mornings- EP" in Ireland. The duett has since enjoyed concerts and tours in the UK, Austria and Slovenia. Past performances include appearances at the Green Note, London (UK), Floating Castle Festival (SLO) and Glatt & Verkehrt Festival (AT).

"Schwab’s fiddle and James’ accordion kept reaching for the unexpected and the new. They were restless, contemplative, beautiful."
(Gavin McNamara, Downend Folk Club)


Chilean spiced, Irish infused, balkan loving songs and tunes for the heart and itchy feet. Styrian childhood friends Maggi Rust and Claudia Schwab, now separated by many oceans due to their newly found homes of Chile and Ireland, reconvene with Matija Solce to resound memories of friendship, laughter, love and music, of days and nights spent singing, playing polkas, polskas and rachenitas, yodelling and dancing in the Austrian mountains and the Istrian forest. Line-up: Matija Solce (accordion/vocals), Maggi Rust (cello/vocals), Claudia Schwab (violin.vocals)


Musicians from around the world meet to learn, arrange, and perform the tunes they teach each other in the Istrian countryside.



Six exceptional musicians come together to create a rich, cross-cultural musical experience that explores the merging of a diverse array of musical styles and cultural backgrounds: 

Irene Buckley (IRE, electronics, vocal), Raphael Decoster (FR, accordion and visuals), Bodek Janke (DE, percussion), Cathy Jordan (IRE, vocals and percussion), Soof Nikritin (ISR, bass), and Claudia Schwab (AT, fiddle, vocals). Commissioned by Cairde Sligo Arts Festival and funded by The Arts Council, premiered at The Factory Performance Space/Sligo July 2019.

strand session_1.jpg


Trad in the Strand (strandhill/Sligo) every Wednesday Night, all musicians welcome

Tunes from around the world.jpg


During lockdown in Ireland in early 2020, Claudia Schwab forged new and old virtual connections with a selection of musicians from around the globe with whom she had a “distant” tune with: a journey that brings us from New York over to Chile, Australia, India, Bulgaria and Mali. Commissioned by the Glens Centre, Manorhamilton & podcast as part of their show "Arts North West" on Ocean FM: NEW YORK & CHILE PODCAST with Lydia Garrison and Martin Lorie, AUSTRIALIA & INDIA PODCAST with Tullara Connors and

Pt. Sukhdev Prasad Mishra, BULGARIA & MALI with Vladimir Vladimirov & Djelifily Sako.

Schwab-Cagney-Tsumbu-photo c EddieLee.jpg


With a shared love for the essence of groove and music traditions from around the world, the three musicians move freely between genres such as jazz, folk or roots music, interweaving free improvisation, original and traditional material to create a unique sound world of their own.


A world of Austro-Irish Jodlfunk and Congolese-rooted guitar playing in conversation with masterful percussion: melodies and grooves that span from the Indian “Chai” to the Austrian alps, the shoreline of Sligo and over to the Congolese rainforest.


A highly virtuosic interplay of musical joy, originality and freedom fueled by the musicians' immeasurable passion for music, this firework of musical colours in all its shapes and forms is truly one not to be missed.



Netnakisum was born in 2004, with the idea of taking an existing dance music repertoire, infusing this with their own original music and inimitable style and bringing this fusion into formal concert settings. The very individual sound of the band, enriched by the voices of the musicians, ranges from a simple melody all the way to an almost orchestral polyphonic frenzy: a new chamber music-style, merging concert hall and club whilst throwing in a healthy dose of open-air-literature- musical into the mix. After countless concerts and tours that brought Netnakisum from China to the USA, India and across Europe, founding band member Magdalena Zenz leaves the band in 2012. Since 2013, deeLinde (Cello) and Marie-Theres Härtel (viola) are on tour with special guest Claudia Schwab on violin, with whom they released their latest album,"Hoamweh" in 2014. See Official Facebook Page



You've never heard popular christmas carols sang like that. Sometimes churchly- sacral, at other times leaning towards the genre of punk: balkan meets jazz meets Schlager meets pop meets ska meets punk meets samba meets aftro-beat... 



Cathy Jordan, the front-woman of traditional super group Dervish for nearly 30 years, dedicates her life to the nurturing and preservation of traditional music, and in particular, traditional songs. During her lifetime she has collected hundreds of these songs which otherwise might lay undiscovered and unsung, gathering dust in the archives. Her latest project – THE CRANKIE ISLAND SONGS - sees her collaborate with visual artist Peter Crann in order to add yet another dimension to these beautiful gems. Any entwining of Cathy and Peter’s talents guarantees a project worth getting excited about. This latest collaboration between the pair - named after a piece of vintage magic-making machinery, the memorably monikered CRANKIE BOX – bears all the hallmarks of both.
Claudia Schwab (Fiddle, voice), Rick Epping (Harmonica Concertina, Banjo), Anna Houston (Cello) and Seamie O'Dowd (Guitar) accompany Cathy and Peter to enrich the multisensory journey with an imaginative soundscape. 



Skipping through the fields of Scottish lilts and Austrian Jodls, Kate Young and Claudia fiddle-sing their way through the reverberating grounds and heights of their bowed ventures through the world.



Kate in the Kettle is the name given to a shape-shifting line-up of international musicians, predominately led by Scottish folk singer, fiddler and composer, Kate Young. Launched at Umefolk festival, Sweden in February, the stellar musicians draw upon their diverse and rich musicianship which has been cultivated through meeting in the "Ethno" movement. These include Sofia Högstadius (SE), Claudia Schwab (AT) , Barja Drnovsek (SLO) and Toby Kuhn (FR/USA).


A spontaneous get-together of musician friends from all over the world, connected through the Etno Histeria gatherings in Slovenia, in Istanbul, early March 2020. Line-up: Ceren Kaçar (Vocals), Ozan Demir (Kaval), Baran Aşık (Duduk), Petra Onderuf, Angelika Hudler, Claudia Schwab, Gabriel Meidinger (Violins), Jonas Pour Mozaffar (Tambura), Staffan Björklund (Accordion), Toby Kuhn (Cello), Pol Small (Percussion)

Attic Lullabies.jpg


Listen back here to Claudia's lockdown project (March 2020) of live-streamed lullabies from around the world which she performed every evening for a week from her attic space



Hörzer, Frohnleiten- born artists Claudia Schwab (violin/loops/vocals) and Ulli Gollesch (live relief printing/printmaking) get together for an experiment interweaving the art and sounds of printmaking and violin loops. Performed at Kirche der Pfarrkirche Frohnleiten/Austria Nov 2020 

Come Together: Our Artists Respond Donal O' Kelly & Claudia Schwab


Commissioned by the Hawk's Well Theatre/Sligo: Come Together - The Isolation Collective: Sligo’s theatre and music artists respond: 10 theatre artists – 10 composers - 10 new pieces of work. This exciting project came together firing the creative minds of a selection of local artists during the lockdown on 2020. Bulawayo', premiered in June 2020, was written by actor & writer Donal O'Kelly with music by Claudia Schwab. 


Cathy's Waltz with string orchestra

Jodlfunk - Da Alma Zua with string orchestra

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