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Attic Mornings CD (self- released, 2017)

‘Attic Mornings’ is the title of Claudia Schwab’s second solo album.

Featuring Stefan Hedborg (SE), Marti Tärn (EST), and Hannah James (UK), as well as guest musicians from Ireland, Bavaria and Austria, this collection of genre hopping, yodeling, contemplative and life affirming musical adventures reflects the cross- cultural spirit of the musician and her collaborators.


At the core of this new record is the new repertoire of songs and tunes written by Claudia that has emerged out of her performances with percussionist Stefan Hedborg and bassist Marti Tärn. Also featured on the album is newest band member Hannah James (accordion/ clog dance/vocals), as well as Brian McDonagh (mandola), Irene Buckely (electronics), Lisa Hörzer (harp), brothers, sisters and friends from Austria (guest yodellers), Leonard Barry (whistle), Cathy Jordan (bodhrán), Seamie O'Dowd (fiddle/guitar) and Matthias Schriefl (flugelhorn).


The album is in stock at Liber Sligo, The Record Room Sligo, Tricky's McGarrigles Pub Sligo, as well as online on bandcamp, CDbaby, itunes etc.



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Artwork design by Brian Hanlon, based on altered photography "The Return" by Barra Cassidy.

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EP (special edition on vinyl) 

A collection of five of the tracks from the full album released on vinyl, whereby the separate songs are tied together by an especially assembled sound collage:


The sound of handwriting accompanied by rain falling onto a skylight window on the West Coast of Ireland. A tune and a yodel that once emerged from a bamboo hut in Hampi/South India. A waltz, traffic, birds and a coffee maker. Songs, ragas, Kerry-Tibetian singing bowls that now reappear amidst rain and thunderstorm in the Johnsbach valley. These are the sounds, tunes and songs to be heard on this special edition of 'Attic Mornings'.


"Almost every morning for the past several years, I have been starting my day by writing ‘Morning Pages’; a practice adopted from Julia Cameron’s ‘Artist’s Way’. Thoughts and impressions on past happenings, present occurrences and future perspectives are jotted down on a piece of paper in a fluid way, in an attempt to leave them behind and go into the day with a clear and open outlook. The assemblage of the sounds, songs and tunes on this record are inspired by the idea of creating a sonic image of this process"


"Attic Mornings" (EP) is in stock at Tower Records Dublin, Spindizzy Records Dublin, Freebird Records Dublin, R.A.G.E. Dublin, Liber Bookshop Sligo and The Record Room Sligo, as well as online on CDbaby and bandcamp.



Artwork design by Brian Hanlon, based on altered photography "The Return" by Barra Cassidy.

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