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Claudia Schwab (Violin/Vocals/Flugelhorn) 

Johannes Bär (brass/alphorn/voice)

Vinzenz Härtel (flugelhorn/harmonika/double bass/voice)


Three yodelling voices, singing fiddle strings, the Styrian Harmonika, the alphorn and the tuba, the guitar and the sea: this unique meeting of three multi - instrumentalists from Styria (AT), Ireland and Vorarlberg (AT) promises a lavish party of the alpine musical soundworld, its echo resounding all the way across the sea over to the ragged Irish coastline. 


“A musical journey across Europe via Ireland  to Serbia and back to the homeland with groovy beats, progressive passages, but also tender sounds, swinging away over one or the other goosebump."

(Harwig Lasser, [ku:L] Öblarn)

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