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Berlin: sexy tax return forms, screaming choirs and new shoes

Airport reflections of a recording session with Matthias Schriefl& Netnakisum

Crazy, experimental, beautiful and challenging string section arrangements always built on a sense of humour.

Matthias' ever-encouraging statements and jokes fueled by outrageousness that thanks to his charm, somewhat innocence and his cow-patterned trousers he gets away with. One of my highlights: recording the 2nd voice to a beautiful polka by Matthias on Fluegelhorn- I usually just play it in my homelands up the alps once a year! ( But I do really love it).

The giant Radiofunk building, very much reminding of communist Russia (I really did not realise the wall is down only for such a short amount of time!), holding an endless amount of studios, even a big hall to fit an entire orchestra!

Randomly bumping into one out of three people I know in Berlin.

Full-heartedly singing in vocals lines stating the sexiness of tax return forms.

The culture shock/clash and historical flashback watching Linde sing a traditional song in the middle of Berlin in this studio where we congregate from our current residencies in Ireland, Berlin and Austria, after having grown up together throughout significant parts of our childhoods and youth.

Hanging out in the Bflat jazzclub talking to a stranger at the bar about always being here and there and consequently nowhere.

Walking to the Mauerpark to hear amazing buskers& dive into a Saturday festival. The approaching sounds of war-scared memories of this once split folk expressed by a screaming choir, sound installations, brass bands and percussionists around a little tower.

Spending all my money on new shoes, vintage jump suits and other hip clothes to end up completely broke for a day.

Berlin is simply beautiful with its new sense of freedom still making itself felt on its wide streets, beautiful trees, intersmacked with an exhillerating sense of being in the middle of it all, including its dark creatures throwing themselves around the town, drifting into other worlds and rating the bins for beerbottles with Pfand.

Fascinated with this vibrant, unique place!

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