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Gaffer sandals and table taps

When your sandal is held together by a mere strip of gaffer tape and your hair is tied up in a bun, stiff with some remainders of a full-body mud mask surrounded by stones, forest and a paradise like turquise-blue lake. When you have been out of reach for a few days due to reception issues and an unforeseen, yet lucky coincidence of machinery break-down, and more important things keep you from having time to look after these matters - in addition to simply having stopped caring about them, you know you've been having a good time.

Back in a rainy and windy Cork where Beckett involvements are imminent, images and scenarios of the past few days in Slovenia keep flashing by, already somewhat distant and dream-like as they come floating back to me.

Yet another life-affirming, whole hearted and -bodied string of events that was called into existence by Matija Solce: Floating Castle On The Road.

A last jam moment in the kitchen in the middle of the forest springs back to life, where at the joining of everyone's voices the roof nearly took off. Hannah James outside on the table tapping her bare feet. A beautiful concert in the church in Gračisče with Hannah James where the young Slovenian string generation rescued me with their yodels as a fit of coughing took a hold of me. Then the next day in the next village, a little concert by the swimming pool where "One Day" was taken back to its hip-hop roots with help of the rapping twin brothers and the drummer from the french hip-hop band "Noflipe".

Bulgarian, transylvanian, jazzy and brazilian kitchen, sunset, sunrise, moon- and fire lit jams around the forest. Our amazing chefs cooking up a storm at all sorts a times during day and night. Impromtu string-section moments with the uniquely amazing and hillarious "World Wide Welsh Man" under the big oak tree. Roof top rock bands. Jump dancing to Noflipe hip-hop. Van tea parties, high spirited visits to the fire-engine bar, yodels with Dan Wall.

What can I say. Total exhaustion and gratefulness. More of this please, Matija!

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