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  • Claudia Schwab

How It Is Part 2 - London

"We are nothing, and we are rosy!"

Its where Julia Roberts meets Hugh Grant. Pim is with Bom - or all alone? In the dark, the mud ... all that ... in the middle of a sunny Notting Hill!

Its an absolute privilege to spend a few weeks in sunny London right now surrounded by a bunch of just really sound and lovely people, as well as utterly inspiring artistry!

Happy days of strolling around Notting Hill, catching some trad sessions, getting lost in the city on the way home... and diving deep into Samuel Beckett's "How It Is". A Gare St. Lazare Ireland production, the show features outstanding actors Stephen Dillane and Connor Lovett, as well as the entire Irish Gamelan Orchestra with Cathal Roche on saxophone/clarinet and myself on violin/vocals and loops.

Its up and running now at the Coronet Theatre (Notting Hill Gate) and will play until May 7th! If you are around - make sure to come experience this!!

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