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Netnakisum autumn wonder lands

December 1st 2014, post Netnakisum autumn tour through Germany and the beautiful Schwitz

Bits and pieces of Serbian Kollos, waltzes, Jodlers and Christmas carols in 9/8 still wonder around my head. ‘Mitt En…Im…KalTen Wiiiin ter’…

A two- week- long tour that once more challenged the linearity and objectivity of time, did it not feel like we were on the road for an entire month!

Our fieldwork in Berlin, where we became part of the hip hop scene. My memories of that night are not dissimilar to those of a movie I’d watched, almost that surreal that I am not sure if I was actually really there and part of it.

Our daily tuning in with each other on our instruments in the mornings, accompanied by the heart warming utterances and laughter of the band’s up-and coming offspring.

The charming accents and beauty of our Swizz companions. My randomly bumping into a friend on the metro in the middle of Berlin. Diving into our shared past and moving into this place where we are re-finding one another.

Truly beautiful times on all planes.

A circle that closed.

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