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  • Claudia Schwab


After some epic adventures in Istanbul, where I got to present my solo show as part of Festcik Festival in Kadiköy - a class wee part of the Asian side of the city - Junesey Moonsey Festival in Leitrim together with actor and director Donal O' Kelly, a few duo gigs back in the alps with Austr0 - Chilean cellist Maggi Rust, a hop back over to Ireland for Kaleidoscope Family Festival and Cairde Arts Festival, where I got to appear as solo, duo (with my old trad partner in crime Rodney Lancashire) and in trio formation together with master of percussion Eamonn Cagney and guitar virtuoso Niwel Tsumbu, I'm back to the continent for a heap of summer gigs!

Here's a little preview of what's about to happen:

Be sure to call by if you find yourself in Austria, Italy or Slovenia over the next weeks!!!

Nearly time to escape into the Slovenian Forest, my personal absolute highlight of the year on all levels ---- yehaaaaaa!!!!


With Niwel Tsumbu and Eamonn Cagney at Cairde Sligo Arts Festival; with Rodney Lancashire; with Maggi Rust; with Niwel Tsumbu; Kaleidoscope Family Fest; Junesey Moonsey;

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