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Amber Sands

05. May 2014. 6pm at Dublin airport

Sitting at the airport, I am grateful that the tiredness and relieve from the weight of responsibilty that has been lifted off my shoulders override the sadness and come down of it all being over now. A feeling that so often marks the transition periods between the everyday life and time spent in the world of music with some very special people.

A wonderful morning and afternoon was had in my friends flat in Dublin that in a way felt similar to returning home and into the welcoming arms of your parents.

The feeling of being washed up at the beach after a wild and pleasant storm that overcame me when lying at the beach of Lissadell the day after my album launch in Sligo.

Having jumped into the ocean, the sand under my body and the sun in my face felt like I had arrived in paradise where I could now rest and just be. Lying on amber sands.

It seems like an age ago that I went up to Dublin airport to embrace Stefan and then Marti, the best musicians and people I could have wished for to share my music with and bring it on a little tour for my baby album. That’s where it all started and here is where it ends. No, that’s a bit too dramatic- we’ll p

lay together in Estonia, Austria, Slovenia….!

Marti’s funny panicky utterances at driving a car on the wrong side of the road. Our rehearsals in the Model, breaking out laughing at the lad’s attempt to sing really high in order to get in my double-tracked harmonies. The lovely people in the cafe. Our photo shoot with Peter Crann at The Docks. Stefan’s special nettle-lemon juice in the mornings.

The album launch in the Model with hip hop vibes from This Side Up, a storm of trad with Cathy, Seanan, Brian, Rick and Dee. The little vocal trio with my two lovely housemates.

Yodelling standing up paddling on the garavogue river (so beautiful!). Our little hike up Knocknarae (no words). The seaweed bath. Our trip to Belfast where we got to play with Ioannis and his lovely Gree

k gang and the nicest sound engineer I’ve ever met! Our little stint in a beautiful little castle just outside Dublin with amazing vegan food.

Dingle with its mad, amazing folk that always seem up for everything and anything! The little gig with the BQ quartet in Dick Mac’s to accompany slam poetry, readings and acting. The return to Cork, where I was embraced by all my old college mates- could not have wished for a better last gig! The mad little blast at the end at Vantastival with Tucan and Stefan- before we knew it, we landed in festival land in the middle of lovely trees, music and people!

Now here. Exhausted. Calm. Happy and at the same time sad. Grateful for life and the many amazing people that I have around me at all times across different places, countries and planes.

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