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  • Claudia Schwab

What a year!

Starting into the year amongst very good friends in the Slovenian countryside, with ventures into the sauna, dips into the disappearing lake in the field, tunes, songs and fake tattoos, this can't but be a good year !!!!

As was the last one - wow!

Had a great time going back through a mountain of photos and videos from happenings in the last few months. I relived so many amazing adventures and truly unique moments spent travelling and playing music with so many really good and close friends, old and new, all outstanding musicians! THANKS to whoever made that happen (Miss God? Synchronicity? Chance? Us?) !!!

Here's a little collage of the above mentioned good times!

Photos & videos taken by Stephan Talneau Toby Kuhn, Ajda Zupan María Paz, Peter Crann Stephan Mussil, Audrey Penin, Larisa Kazic Patricia Bravo, Niamh Collins and myself

.... IF you are in Ireland next week: COME ON OUT to hear amazing music from a gang or Irish - French - Serbian people !!!!! Very happy to be playing support for them in Mayo and Leitrim (Tuesday, Jan 10th & Friday, Jan 13th) Amazing times with friends & really good music continue, hurrah!

(More info here )

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